Commercial Streaming

Below is a movie of a scientist’s lecture streamed from a private content delivery network rather than Vimeo.  Vimeo will not stream commercial for-profit content.  Compare the quality of this movie to the Vimeo version on the Video Work Samples page.  Both are from huge files approaching a gigabyte in size, to push the limits of these two networks to the edge (the normal practice is to break a long movie into smaller separate chapters for viewing). If you have commercial content and a WordPress site, Henhouse Productions can produce your videos and then show you how to stream them from Amazon S3 and Cloudfront using the S3 Media Stream Plugin and Cloudberry S3 Explorer.

This is an expiring url, so you must click play on the vido player within one hour after loading this page, or it won’t work.  After one hour, you must refresh the page to play.  This is a security feature to prevent unauthorized use of streaming content.


Here’s a promotional video we did for a local painting company serving the greater Portland area.

[s3mediastream]s3streamingvideo,ESP Painting,2,0,0,jeffstream6.f4v,s28vp3tv8q22or,3600,yes,,,bottom-right,,no,768,458,yes,bottom,,,#666,,no,no,no,,0[/s3]