Work Samples

This is the first chapter of a video series about consciousness  being produced by Henhouse Productions at the present time.  Viewing it without stuttering and pauses requires a good broadband connection, and a fairly powerful computer with a good graphics card.  It was encoded with a bit rate of about 1500 kbps.  It was copyrighted by Henhouse Productions LLC in 2010.


This is the last of many chapters in a video about the nursing management of Pulmonary Artery Catheters, otherwise known as Swan Ganz Catheters.  It was produced for a large hospital in Portland, Oregon.  It has an expiring URL, so the play button must be clicked within one hour after loading this page, otherwise you must refresh the page to view the video.  Try the full screen button. You need a good computer and a fast connection to watch this video. It was copyrighted in 2009 by Henhouse Productions. Hospital policies and proceedures may vary from each other. Your own hospital may require a different practice.