Gratitude Part 2: Reframe #3

Finding value in the bad things that happen to us. This is the sequel to Reframe #2 Gratitude Part 1, which can be found at:

Special thanks to Suzanne Wagner for her script writing contribution about Carlos Castaneda’s concept of Petty Tyrants described in Chapter 2 of this video. Her original article on the subject can be found at:

Because this video is almost 30 minutes long, we have indicated chapter markers below:

00:00 Introduction
03:29 Chapter 1: Physical Adversity
09:50 Chapter 2: Emotional Adversity
22:30 Chapter 3: Pain as the Ultimate Adversity

To learn more about Counter-Stimulation as a treatment for chronic pain, check out our video at:

Special thanks to Dr. David Goldfoot for his valuable input in the creation of this video.